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The Smoothie Industry is Big Business – Franchisees, Pay Attention


Maui Wowi<sup>®</sup> - Smoothies are Big Business - Smoothie Industry
If you’ve been searching for a new low-cost franchise to buy, and you found your way to this page, chances are you’re interested in the smoothie industry. You should be. The smoothie market is worth $5 billion in sales to the food industry, serving more than one million customers per year, and those numbers are growing.

The smoothie industry has a long, established history, and it’s expanding

Maui Wowi Smoothies on counter Smoothies are all about sunshine and fun and healthy eating. They’ve been around in one form or another for centuries. But it wasn’t until refrigeration and home appliances became widely available in the 1930s that the U.S. caught up with the idea. In 1935, Fred Osius invented the Waring blender and claimed that it would “revolutionize American drinks.” He was right. The smoothie revolution began in the 1960s when healthy eating and fitness became prominent, but it wasn’t until 1970 when the smoothie we know and love today was created. A lactose intolerant teenager named Steven Kuhnau wanted a milkshake-style drink, so he made his own using fruit juice blended with ice, and found it to be so popular he later went on to form the first smoothie franchise business. Growing obesity levels and diet-related health issues have ensured that smoothies remain important to consumers looking for healthier drink options. Smoothies continue to be one of the best ways to get nutrient-rich fruit and vegetables into your diet and stabilize blood glucose levels naturally without compromising taste.

The smoothie market can adapt easily to changing trends

Ron & Barb Putnam Maui Wowi franchisees The smoothie industry is set to last far into the future, and current predictions forecast industry growth of 7.1% between now and 2020. Add to that people’s love of coffee, and Maui Wowi® can be a match made in business opportunity heaven for people looking to buy a franchise. Whether it’s experimenting with the latest superfood or adding non-dairy milk to the mix, there are many ways the smoothie market can grow in the coming decades. For instance, meal replacement is a growing trend as the fast pace of living means meals on-the-go are often a preferred option. Similar to the increasing popularity of food trucks, smoothie carts are an ideal method to serve growing markets, as not being location-dependent enables franchisees to take their business wherever there’s high demand. There’s never been a better time to buy a smoothie franchise.

Maui Wowi® has an established smoothie franchise model, 35 years of expertise and a stellar brand reputation

Maui Wowi group picture The Maui Wowi® brand was created in 1983 when founders Jeff and Jill Summerhays wanted to offer healthy smoothies at special events, and we haven’t looked back. We treat franchisees as one big family with the Aloha Spirit at the heart of all we do. It’s simple to get started as a franchise owner. If you meet our qualification requirements, we can get you started with your very own smoothie franchise, complete with a Ka’anapali Cart, training, support, and our decades of experience and brand reputation behind you.


“It’s ‘ohana; we are just one big family. It’s all of us. It’s not just what we do in San Diego, but what all franchisees are doing…we all just help each other out. The culture is great, the Aloha Spirit just goes all the way around.”

Ron Putman
– Franchise Owner | San Diego, California

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