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You are about to start on a journey discovering what Maui Wowi® is all about!

To give you an idea of how our Education Process works, the outline below explains the path you will follow as a prospective franchisee, as well as what your first few months as a new franchisee will look like.

1. Questionnaire

After requesting more information about our franchise opportunities, you’ll complete a short questionnaire that will provide us with a little more information about you. Next, you’ll hear from a member of our franchise development team who is there to answer any preliminary questions you may have, outline our Education Process, and schedule an initial call for you to speak with our Director of Franchise Development.

2. Introduction

By filling out the questionnaire, you’ve shown us that you’re interested in this fun and exciting concept we call Maui Wowi®! Now it’s time to get to know each other! In this step of the Education Process, we conduct an initial phone call to get better acquainted and find out what you are looking for in a franchise. You will learn more about the franchise system and explore the various opportunities and flexible business models that are available to you. In addition, we will provide you with resources to help you learn more about us, including our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

3. Mutual Investigation

Through a series of education calls, we will start bringing your business to life. We’ll work through a number of tools to help you understand the details of the franchise as well as discuss your goals as a business owner. We’ll learn more about you and your ability to own a franchise and meet our financial requirements.

4. Validation

During validation, you’ll have the opportunity to speak directly to Maui Wowi® franchisees. You’ll get to ask questions about what it’s like to own and operate a Maui Wowi® franchise and discuss key benefits of our franchise concept including support, training and collaboration.

5. Discovery Day

We’ll wrap up the Education Process with a Discovery Day where you will get to meet members of the support team face-to-face. Each person’s Discovery Day is customized to the type of business model they plan to begin with, and provides an opportunity to see the brand in action, taste the product, and get a feel for what a ‘day in the life’ of a franchisee would be like. It’s also a chance to ask any remaining questions that will help to reinforce the decision you are about to make. 

6. Awarding a Franchise

The Maui Wowi® Executive Approval Committee will conduct an interview with you to review your qualifications, goals and passion for the brand. This will help us to determine if you meet all our requirements to be a franchisee and to ensure that you exhibit the Aloha Spirit and can share it with others! If the results of the interview are positive, you will be awarded a franchise. The Director of Franchise Development will walk you through the agreement signing to make you an official Maui Wowi® Franchisee!

7. Welcome to the ‘Ohana!

Congratulations and welcome to the Maui Wowi® ‘ohana! We are excited to help you reach your business goals. After all the paperwork is done, a Welcome Call will be scheduled for you to be introduced to the Maui Wowi® Brand Team. You will then travel to the Maui Wowi® Headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ for a week long in-class and hands on training. Finally, a member of our team will fly out for your first event or store opening as part of our Launch Program. This is designed to provide an extra layer of support and ensures you feel completely confident when operating your business for the first time.



“The event planners know if they are holding a big event here in Minnesota they almost always seek Maui Wowi® out. When its cold outside Minnesotans love to go and do events and be out on the weekends…so we are really busy indoors…The first quarter of the year, winter, is when we are the busiest.”

Mary Bigler – Franchise Owner | Minnesota

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