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From Mobile to Brick-and-Mortar Shops, Maui Wowi® has a Variety of Franchise Business Models

Today, Maui Wowi® is still the same, healthy, fun, and flexible company it was more than three decades ago. A variety of business models allow franchisees to truly cater it to their lifestyle and needs. From someone looking to work weekend events as a way to supplement their income to those who dream of building an empire or family business to pass on to their children; Maui Wowi®’s flexible concept makes the dream of business ownership a reality.

Ka’anapali Cart

The Ka’anapali Cart is a flexible mobile unit that brings the product to the people. It’s a paradise on wheels that goes to events, venues, fundraisers, and more. Work part-time or full-time, outside or inside; making money and spreading the Aloha Spirit! The Ka’anapali Cart is perfect for both large and small events. Everything from your local farmer’s market or youth sporting event, to an NFL stadium, Rodeo, or even NASCAR!
Find out more about this low cost mobile franchise model.


Not too small, not too big, but just right. The kiosk is the perfect way to attract customers in a busy shopping environment. An oasis to take a break and enjoy premium Hawaiian coffee and freshly blended fruit smoothies.


A Maui Wowi® shop is a little piece of paradise where customers can come to escape the daily stresses, gather for meetings, or just stop by for a quick treat. A comfortable atmosphere, full menu of ono’licious items, and the Aloha Spirit all in one place! Shops are also a great place to host community events and get involved with local organizations. Pair this with a mobile Ka’anapali Cart and the opportunities are endless.

Concession Trailer

Not quite a food truck but bigger than a Ka’anapali Cart, the enclosed concession trailer features two blending stations for made-to-order smoothies, as well as an area to brew fresh Hawaiian coffee. The indoor work environment allows the business to continue during inclement weather, while keeping employees and supplies out of the elements. The simplified set up makes the concession trailer an ideal business model for any outdoor event, festival, fairgrounds and a variety of other locations.


Food Truck

The Maui Wowi® Food Truck is one of the newest ways to bring the party to the people.  Franchise Owner for over 10 years, Jason Sorrells was one of the first to embark on the new business model. Through a partnership with the Mainland, Jason helped launch this exciting new way to reach customers and expand our legacy in the mobile market. He pulled out all the stops to turn his truck into a paradise on wheels where he is able to offer Maui Wowi®’s all-natural fresh fruit smoothies and a full coffee and espresso bar from just about anywhere the road leads him to.



“We’ve got two locations at Petco Park… this is a beautiful spot down here, so we are getting a lot of publicity, through the radio, through TV, and of course word of mouth. We’re getting all kinds of friends and franchisees going ‘I saw you guys at the Petco Park’, and it’s great.”

Ron Putman – Franchise Owner | San Diego, California

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