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Maui Wowi® Smoothies takes pride in offering a healthier alternative to typical restaurant beverages. The franchise brand excels in the areas of innovation and consumer appeal, making it a key player in the food and beverage space. If you’re considering smoothie franchise ownership in today’s market, you may be interested in the health and vitality of the overall niche. Luckily, the Maui Wowi franchise team keeps a finger on the pulse of the industry.

Check out some of the healthy franchise trends that make concepts like Maui Wowi a top choice for investors:

The $2 billion juice and smoothie industry is on the rise

Juice bar and smoothie franchise concepts are gaining traction. Valued at $2 billion, this sector is continually evolving to satisfy the changing tastes of today’s consumers. Maui Wowi occupies a unique niche within this active market by offering tropical Hawaiian-inspired smoothies as healthier alternatives to traditional beverages. Owner-operators are equipped to not only contribute, but innovate within this growing industry. Our brand’s innovative mobile franchise model helps investors offer tasty smoothies and coffees on-the-go while capturing optimal market share in a booming sector.

Maui Wowi smoothie

Today’s consumers make thoughtful decisions about food

Sixty percent of consumers say they factor health considerations into their dining decisions. Maui Wowi’s fun and creative Ka’anapali Cart allows franchisees to establish themselves as the better option at rodeos, sporting events, concert venues and other bustling locales across the U.S. Rather than picking up a 24-ounce soda or a towering soft-serve ice cream cone from a concession stand, event-goers can enjoy our brand’s fruity smoothies as a refreshing alternative. Those who choose to invest in the Maui Wowi® smoothie franchise are excited about this unique opportunity to cater to a growing regard for wellness with quality products.

Smoothie franchise concepts like Maui Wowi satisfy a need for community

2017 consumer reports indicate a desire to engage brands that promote connection. No other brand encourages community quite like Maui Wowi’s smoothie franchise concept. In fact, we’re the best smoothie franchise concept for those who want to make work feel like a vacation. Each mobile cart brings the party to the public, as customers gather around for a taste of paradise. From their festive Hawaiian shirts to their tropical smoothie flavors, Maui Wowi smoothie franchise owners bring a fun-loving, laid back energy wherever they go.

Maui Wowi smoothie

Discover what makes Maui Wowi the best smoothie franchise opportunity

Healthy franchise concepts perform well as they embody consumers’ rising demand for alternative options. Unlike typical juice bar franchise or smoothie franchise concepts, Maui Wowi meets the demand for better alternatives while kicking fun and wellness up a notch. Maui Wowi’s mobile smoothie franchise program helps franchisees compete with delicious smoothies that customers can’t refuse.

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