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Smoothie for your Sweetheart!

Ditch the chocolate and satisfy your smoothie craving this Valentine’s Day with the Sweetheart Deal! Come into any participating Maui Wowi store on February 14th and get a small smoothie for just $2.14! Chocolates and flowers are so overdone; show your loved ones you...

Maui Wowi CEO Sits Down With Fast Casual

Maui Wowi has been around for over three decades and is proud to provide customers the quality product they have come to expect. Ahead of the health craze since 1982, CEO Mike Weinberger, explains how our smoothies fit in with the current health trends of today by...

What is Probiotic Yogurt?

Written by Maui Wowi Founder Jill Summerhays Is there anyone under 50 that recognizes the item in the photo?  It’s an old fashioned yogurt maker circa 1960. This was a familiar fixture around our house growing up.  Although yogurt was difficult to make and...

How to get surfer fit!

You see them on TV or in the magazines with their warm tans, washboard abs, and toned physiques. Surfers are known to be physically fit. Conquering waves with unimaginable power, maintaining balance on the board, and using their arms to paddle in and out calls for a...
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