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Why Working Outdoors Makes You Happy

Why Working Outdoors Makes You Happy

You may have heard of the “get outside” movement. It’s a push to get people outdoors, doing activities, being healthy, and enjoying Mother Nature. There’s something to be said about fresh air and sunshine that lifts your spirits and rejuvenates you. The sun triggers...
The Best Healthy Snack to Keep you Happy

The Best Healthy Snack to Keep you Happy

A healthy snack is key to staying energized and happy throughout the day. Whether you are trying to satisfy hungry kids or just trying to keep yourself going, the best snack for the job is an all-natural fresh fruit smoothie. Finding a healthy balance when it comes to...
A Valentine’s Day Deal You Won’t Regret!

A Valentine’s Day Deal You Won’t Regret!

Instead of the standby Valentine’s Day box of chocolates, this year embrace the Aloha Spirit and opt for a healthier treat for your loved ones. For just $2.14, customers can enjoy a small, fresh fruit smoothie with their sweetheart on February 14, 2016, at...

What’s the Deal with Spam?

Spam……Makes your mouth water right? If you’re a local Hawaiian it probably does. That’s because Hawaiians consume nearly 7 million cans of Spam each year; the most per capita in the world. But why? This “mystery meat” was introduced by Hormel Foods Corporation in 1937...

A Visit to Diamond Bakery!

Samples of cookies and crackers? I’m there! A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting some of our local Hawaiian vendors on Oahu. Many Maui Wowi retail locations currently carry a variety of authentic Hawaiian products such as teas and cookies that might...
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