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Nothing is more refreshing on a warm, summer day than a Maui Wowi smoothie! They are cool and creamy – the perfect antidote to a hot day. Summer opportunities for our franchisees are abundant. And, thanks to the mobility of our franchise model, our franchisees can bring our tasty products right to their customers.

Summertime Catering

Catering units allow for franchisees to expand their business. Summer is the season of graduation parties and weddings. Be a part of these special days by bringing a taste of the tropics. Depending on the event, clients can even supply their own alcohol, exploring another way to enjoy Maui Wowi smoothies. If you have never catered an event, we have a suggested pricing structure based on the size of parties and distance of travel. The Mainland (a.k.a. the Maui Wowi corporate team) has all of the support our franchisees need to explore this growing franchise business model, plus you can always reach out to your regional director of operations or utilize the Wiki Wiki system.

Summer Season Partnerships

Summer is a great time to be a baseball fan and you’ll never have to miss your local team’s home games thanks to our mobile Ka’ananpali Cart. Many of our franchisees have partnerships with their local ballparks. Each Major League Baseball team plays 162 regular-season games between March and October. That’s a lot of opportunities to share the Aloha Spirit with Maui Wowi customers. And that’s not to mention local AAA teams or partnerships franchisees might have with Little League parks. Even football stadiums and basketball arenas have summer events during their off-season. Corporate conferences, summer camps and touring events are great business opportunities for Maui Wowi franchisees too!

Beyond Little League, there is soccer, tennis, swimming and more! Gamedays and tournaments are perfect opportunities for the Maui Wowi K-Cart business. In between games and matches, our delicious smoothies are a refreshing, all-natural treat with no artificial flavors or colors. And our ethically traded, responsibly grown Hawaiian coffee keeps parents going throughout a long tournament day. Maui Wowi’s proprietary K-Carts are equipped to serve iced and frozen coffee treats to keep everybody cool, in addition to hot lattes, cappuccinos and more. Many of our Maui Wowi franchisees have children. Having a K-Cart at youth sporting tournaments allows our parent-franchisees to be working – and still never miss a goal or play.

Food Truck Fun

Maui Wowi food trucks are paradise on wheels. Local festivals and street fairs are perfect opportunities to serve up refreshing Maui Wowi products to your community. Check your community listings for special events that might just need a touch of tropical flavor. Also reach out to other business leaders in your community; many employers bring in food trucks for their employees as a special summer treat.

Aloha, Summer

Summer provides many opportunities for Maui Wowi franchisees to spread the Aloha Spirit by bringing their catering units, K-Carts and food trucks to local events. Owning a Maui Wowi mobile franchise unit is a low-cost way to bring a taste of vacation to your community’s summer.

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