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Franchisee Marcus Fink has figured out how to quit your day job and replace it with a fun Hawaiian themed business. Marcus joined the Maui Wowi® ‘ohana in January 2013 and has been working towards this moment ever since! Below is an interview that discusses his recent transition into making Maui Wowi his full-time job!

Quit your day job

What made you finally decide to quit your day job and focus on Maui Wowi full time?

It was always my goal to run my own business and I love the Maui Wowi brand. Our smoothies and coffees are great products that I believe in and so many people love. It was just a matter of time and effort before I could make the transition to becoming a full-time, self-employed franchisee.

Last year, we participated in over 100 events. That was in addition to working my full-time job as an Engineer where I had to commute an hour each way. I also have four very active children and I was definitely over-working myself. Something just had to give. I officially left my day job at the end of April.

How were you able to build up your Maui Wowi business to the point it’s at today?

After several years of sending friendly emails to a potential client, I finally landed them. Because of my tenacity, the client coined the phrase “Polite Persistence,” and that has really stuck with me ever since.  I think a combination of polite persistence, honesty, sincerity, and a firm belief that we have a great product has enabled me to stay positive and grow my business.

What are your goals for your Maui Wowi business?

My goal is to build it to a point where it can operate without my constant supervision. I believe that the timeline for building a business is very similar to raising a child. In infancy, you spend a lot of sleepless nights trying to take care of it to help it grow and not let it die. In adolescence, there is still growth, but you can start letting go and trusting that the systems you’ve put in place will continue to occur. With maturity, you know that it can thrive without your direct oversight.

How do you plan to achieve them?

By continuing to stay positive. Very few things ever go perfectly, so finding the good in any situation and applying my energy to what went right, while still learning from what went wrong, will allow me to achieve my goals. I want to get out what I put in: Positively!

From a more tangible perspective, I’ve got a great list of mobile events in my repertoire now. Acquiring venues that fit my criteria is my next hurdle.

The quote that kept me focused during the last two years is: “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”

So far, things are going well and I know that my business is pointed in the right direction with my feet grounded firmly in reality and my sights focused on the future.

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