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When you own a mobile business, life is what you make it. For franchisee Ross Harried, he’s making it amazing!

For some background on exactly what our mobile business is all about, we’re talking about a fully loaded, decked out, tiki hut style, mobile business. The Maui Wowi mobile Ka’anapali Cart, named after the beautiful beach town on the island of Maui, has been rolling into state fairs, local festivals, youth sporting events, concert venues and much more for over 30 years.Mobile Business



Below, is a recent account from franchisee Ross Harried on how this simple cart can bring smiles to customers and create high-volume sales.

Ross Harried- Mobile BusinessEvent: Joyful Noise Family Fest – music concert

When: Friday, June 3 and Saturday, June 4

Where: National Sports Center- Blaine, Minnesota

Attendance: Approx. 18,000 people each day

It certainly was not my biggest day, biggest event, or even biggest weekend, but it was my largest volume day from one cart and I was able to sell a number of smoothies that I didn’t know was possible to attain in one day from one cart…

Friday night we had one cart running from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. and we made a decent amount of smoothies. Saturday we had two locations, one in an absolutely prime location, and a second down in the family area near the bounce houses. The location near the bounce houses did well, serving both smoothies and cups of Hawaiian shave ice. But our other location was crazy busy from about noon until 9 p.m. It was so busy, we ended up breaking our record for the amount of smoothies sold in one day from one location!

We had five people working behind that cart. Despite being our biggest day, all five employees said it was probably one of their easiest days of work because of how well staffed, well organized, and well stocked everything was.

We had one employee taking orders, one marking the orders on the cups and sliding it over to the person at the cart. We also had one person pouring, lidding, and adding a parasol to each drink, one person with two blenders keeping two containers of Mango Orange and one of Piña Colada full at all times, and one person with one blender and two containers keeping them full of Strawberry. They all just kept rotating through the positions throughout the day and were very supportive of each other, working together as an ‘ohana.

I probably could have accomplished this same goal with just four staff members, but having that extra employee made my biggest single cart day a piece of cake and was well worth it!


This system helped Ross achieve something that he didn’t think he could. With the support of his staff, along with exceptional organization and leadership, he was able to pull off the no longer impossible. That’s what a mobile business offers, infinite possibilities.

For more information on Maui Wowi’s mobile business, the Ka’anapali Cart, please visit https://www.mauiwowifranchise.com/business-models/.


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