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Which Maui Wowi® franchise model is right for you? Find out! Are you looking for something mobile that will allow you to bring our creamy, delicious smoothies to any customer, anywhere? Or are you looking to create a permanent piece of paradise for your community? Explore our franchise models and find out which Maui Wowi model is right for you.

Ka’anapali Cart

The Ka’anapali Cart (also known as the K-Cart) is the most popular Maui Wowi franchise model. It is a flexible, mobile unit that allows Maui Wowi franchisees to bring the Aloha Spirit — and our delicious smoothies — directly to customers. In fact, the K-Cart is so integral to the Maui Wowi model that franchisee training includes K-Cart 101… and 201! Whether it’s for privately catered events, inside of a sports arena, or set up at a farmers market, the K-Cart can go anywhere.

Concession Trailer

Bigger than the K-Carts, Maui Wowi concession trailers are also a mobile unit that allows our franchisees to bring our delicious, refreshing smoothies right to their customers at a variety of outdoor events. The trailer has two blending stations and all the gadgets you need to brew up Hawaiian coffee, too. The concession trailer is a great option if you are located somewhere that experiences inclement weather, as the enclosed area allows your business to keep booming despite the elements.

Food Truck

The food truck model is Maui Wowi’s newest. Another mobile model, Maui Wowi food trucks mean you can bring the smoothies to the people without hitching up a trailer or loading up a K-Cart. Just hop into the driver’s seat and you’re off! In addition to having all the space you need to serve up our creamy, delicious smoothies, a Maui Wowi food truck would also allow you to have a full coffee and espresso bar.

Retail Models

Once you’ve mastered the mobile Maui Wowi model, you can choose to take on one of our retail models; either a kiosk or a brick-and-mortar Maui Wowi store. The Maui Wowi kiosk model is the perfect solution to capitalize on the foot traffic in malls and shopping centers while minimizing overhead costs. Thanks to our strong visual branding, passersby can’t miss our signature surfboard and grass skirt awning. You can also bring a Maui Wowi store to your community while maintaining a relatively small footprint. This means streamlined operations and reduced overhead costs. You’ll be able to use the customer service skills you’ve perfected with your mobile models to make your Maui Wowi store or kiosk the best spot for smoothie fans in your city or town.

Whether it’s a K-Cart, a trailer, a food truck or a fixed retail location, you have the opportunity to bring Maui Wowi to your friends and neighbors. Take the first step by reaching out for more information about the Maui Wowi franchise opportunity.

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