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Maui Wowi Franchise Training and Support

Maui Wowi began franchising back in 1997, founded on a unique and fun business model and a commitment to providing the public with an alternative to sweet treats in the form of delicious, fresh fruit smoothies. With dedication and a little Aloha Spirit, Maui Wowi has become a go-to brand for quality smoothies that offer a taste of island paradise. Maui Wowi locations can now be found across the U.S., and it offers franchisees a flexible, mobile and low-cost opportunity to be in business for themselves.

But Maui Wowi didn’t get to where it is today without the support of a passionate and experienced team of experts helping the franchise grow and develop. Quality support and training go a long way in helping small business owners make the most of their franchise investment, build a lasting presence in their communities, and ensure the product offerings continue to keep customers happy and eager for more. At Maui Wowi, franchisees can depend on the support of the Maui Wowi corporate team, as well as parent company and international franchisor Kahala Brands™ to help them advance their business and come up with innovative ideas to keep customers coming back.

With access to comprehensive training and ongoing support services throughout the life of the franchise, entrepreneurs will learn everything they need to know to start and operate their own Maui Wowi location, and transport customers to the Hawaiian islands through quality fruit smoothies. Kahala Brands provides its franchises with an array of services, including research and development support, help selecting real estate, operational support, marketing and creative services, and more. Keep reading for a breakdown of services Maui Wowi’s corporate team offers to help franchisees reach their highest growth potential.

Maui Wowi Corporate Team

The Maui Wowi corporate team – or the “Mainland,” as it’s known within the franchise family – is here to help franchisees grow the brand and find their way as small business owners. Corporate team members are dedicated to providing quality training, as well as building a strong working relationship with each of the Maui Wowi franchisees. The team is also constantly improving and evolving to ensure franchise partners have the best support possible for as long as they’re in business.

From answering questions about upcoming events to sharing personal stories, the Mainland team is accessible and ready to assist Maui Wowi franchisees as they navigate their entrepreneurial journey. Different corporate team members and leaders, including Directors of Regional Support, Regional Directors of Operations, and the Franchise Advisory Council, as described below, are there to assist with different aspects of franchising with Maui Wowi.

Director of Regional Support (DRS)

Directors of Regional Support (DRS) are longtime Maui Wowi franchisees and Area Developers who are deeply invested in the future of the Maui Wowi brand. Operating outside Maui Wowi’s Arizona headquarters, DRS are an extension of the corporate team that provides hands-on, day-to-day support to franchisees in their individual regions.

Drawing from firsthand experience as seasoned franchise partners, DRS can help greener Maui Wowi franchisees grow their businesses by offering support with efforts like organizing grand opening events, understanding how to follow the Maui Wowi business model, training employees, acquiring contracts for events, and simply being available to answer questions about the daily operations of franchising with Maui Wowi.

Regional Directors of Operations (RDO)

The role of Regional Directors of Operations (RDO) are to provide expertise from the Mainland to franchisees in their respective regions. The RDO is there for Maui Wowi franchisees as a go-to when they experience challenges, need corporate advice, or want on-the-ground assistance with their first event. RDO can answer questions and connect franchisees with any resources or information they might need from the corporate level.

Franchise Advisory Council (FAC)

The Maui Wowi Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) is a group of five franchisees that serve as a liaison between franchisees and corporate leadership. The council’s role is to represent franchisees located within their regions before the Mainland corporate team. The FAC is the voice of Maui Wowi franchisees, representing their regions’ interests and ensuring franchisees have a seat at the table when it comes to corporate decisions that affect the franchise system.

Additionally, the FAC helps the Maui Wowi brand establish and reach goals that help define franchisees’ roles. When they have concerns or comments to convey to the Mainland, Maui Wowi franchisees need only reach out to their FAC representative and know their message will be shared with the corporate team.

Grow with Maui Wowi

With support from the corporate team and Kahala Brands, Maui Wowi franchisees are equipped to reach their maximum growth potential and achieve their business goals. To learn more about the brand and how to take the next steps with this franchising opportunity, visit the Maui Wowi franchise pages here.

You can also fill out our form here to request more information about partnering with Maui Wowi and start a conversation with a member of the franchise team, who can answer questions about the brand, its competitive advantages, and startup costs to get into business.

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