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Maui Wowi Franchises offer Healthier Smoothie Options

Maui Wowi is a legendary brand offering healthier smoothie options that taste as good as they feel. Customers are in love with their smoothie options, offering valuable health benefits that don’t compromise on taste. For health-conscious eaters, smoothies are an essential element of their diets. With Maui Wowi, these customers find a delicious on-the-go option that has them coming back for more. With so many smoothie brands on the market, what makes Maui Wowi stand out? Quite a bit, as a matter of fact.

While many brands pack their smoothies with unnecessary amounts of sugar, Maui Wowi understands the need for a healthier smoothie that makes no accommodations on flavor. According to popular news website The Independent, there are simple ways to create healthier smoothie options, like avoiding sugary fruit juices and flavored yogurts, and adding in ingredients with higher protein like almond butter, chia seeds, or even tofu. The opportunities are endless.

Franchise owners love the healthier smoothies Maui Wowi offers. Unlike a general smoothie brand, they offer customers the tropical Hawaiian lifestyle regardless of their location. This is a franchise that helps customers meet their nutrition goals while allowing them to feel like they’re on vacation. This is the unique opportunity Maui Wowi offers franchise owners.

Additional Products for Multiple Revenue Streams

Smoothies are an important element of the Maui Wowi brand, but they are just the beginning of what they have to offer. Founders, Jeff and Jill Summerhays, created an experience that encapsulates the essence of a pure, Hawaiian lifestyle with the array of products they bring to the table. There is a piece of the Aloha spirit for every customer with Maui Wowi.

Alongside their all natural smoothies, they offer Hawaiian coffee, tropical teas, and other products native to the islands of Hawaii. This coffee is highly sought after, and Maui Wowi works with local farmers to ensure quality and ethical trade. Their tropical teas are sourced from the Hawaiian Islands Tea Company. They can be served individually or combined to create a uniquely delicious flavor. Diamond Bakery sources the buttery, delectable cookies and crackers customers flock to.

With this variety of Hawaiian delicacies, franchise owners create multiple revenue streams that appeal to every type of customer. Whether they are looking for a healthier tropical smoothie, a boost of caffeine from their savory coffees, or a baked good to satisfy their sweet tooth, Maui Wowi brings it all to the table. The options will keep customers coming back for more.

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Maui Wowi wants all customers to experience the Aloha Spirit of welcome and belonging. The brand strives to create this environment and will provide you with the tools to pass it along. You can enter the world of Hawaiian bliss today by owning a Maui Wowi franchise. Are you ready to bring the tropical lifestyle to your community? The process is simple. Fill out this form to get started today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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