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There is no one type of Maui Wowi® franchisee. But we have found that some traits and skills do lend themselves quite well to owning and running a mobile smoothie business. If you are ready to leave corporate life behind, you’re a people person and you recognize the importance of fun, you could make a great Maui Wowi franchisee.

People Ready to Trade in the Suit and Tie

If your corporate career doesn’t excite you anymore and you are over insane commutes, not seeing enough of your family and working for someone else, it might be time for you to make the switch. You can trade your suit and tie for a Hawaiian shirt by becoming a Maui Wowi franchise owner.

Your corporate career has likely taught you the skills you need to run your own Maui Wowi smoothie business. You have a head for operations, you understand your market and you can handle managing a team. Are you ready to do those things and build your own business all while wearing flip flops?

People Looking for Career Freedom

One of the biggest reasons people are ready to toss in their suit and tie is because they want the freedom to be in control of their own careers. No more 9-to-5. As an event-based franchise model, Maui Wowi franchisees aren’t bound by traditional business hours. Our franchisees perform their executive business functions when it feels right to them, and often from home. And they work the events that interest them and fit into their schedule – not the other way around. Franchising with Maui Wowi could be your way to take charge of your career.

People People

As much as your Maui Wowi franchise will be in the smoothie business, our franchisees are also in the people business. Even if our franchisees aren’t the ones taking orders and passing out smoothies, they are responsible for bringing Aloha Spirit to their team so that they can pass it along to customers. That means making sure everyone feels welcome, has a sense of belonging and is having a good time. If you have a passion for working with others, a Maui Wowi franchise could be the right franchise opportunity for you. Plus, if you are looking to build camaraderie, you can always hop behind the Ka’anapali Cart yourself and start slinging smoothies with the team.

Those Who Value Fun

Yes, Maui Wowi is a smoothie business. But we firmly believe that doing business can be a good time. Our franchisees value the role that fun can play in the operations of a Maui Wowi franchise. At an event where people can choose from dozens of vendors serving up hundreds of options, people are drawn to Maui Wowi. Why? Because they can tell that our team is having a good time and they want to be a part of that. Having a good time is part of our business model — plus our products are irresistible. Are you ready to join us?

Are you ready to become one of our great franchisees? If so, reach out for more information about the Maui Wowi franchise opportunity.

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