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Maui Wowi is One of the Hottest Smoothie Franchises

Maui Wowi has made waves as one of the best mobile smoothie and coffee franchises on the market! Company founders, Jeff and Jill Summerhays, understood early on that there was a shortage of healthy snack and beverage options whenever they went out. They decided to create the Maui Wowi brand to give people something fresh and unique, using only the best ingredients with no hidden additives.

The brand is also unique in that it showcases their love of Hawaii and its culture. Aside from its natural beauty, these islands have a unique charm that is centered around being loving, harmonious, and living life to the fullest. Another key element is their mobility factor. When people are out and about, getting a smoothie shouldn’t be a task. Maui Wowi offers a mobile cart to corner highly-trafficked areas and events.

When people see our brand, they know exactly what they are getting. Our tiki-style setup, hand drawn signs, and more will make every customer feel like they are at the beach. During a hot summer day, Maui Wowi provides an oasis-like escape with our laid-back charm and delicious healthy treats.

The Maui Wowi Franchise Story

In 1982, Jeff and Jill Summerhays founded Maui Wowi to provide their ‘Ohana (family) with a healthy beverage alternative to the notoriously unhealthy snacks available at most public events. The couple also wanted something that reflected their laid back, fun-loving lifestyle. They developed a business model that was flexible, so that they could bring their delicious smoothies to anyone who wanted one.

In 1997, seasoned entrepreneur Michael Haith came across the Summerhays at an event in Utah. Seeing how fans flocked to their booth for a healthy product was all the convincing he needed. After that, the Hawaiian smoothie franchise system came to be. The next decade saw tremendous growth of the business, and by 2012, Maui Wowie had sold 30 million of their healthy and delicious smoothies!

Since then, Maui Wowi has only grown. In 2014, their carts were updated for a more modern take on the mobile franchise. One year later, the company was acquired by Kahala Brands in Scottsdale, Arizona. Maui Wowi is thrilled to be a part of this company now, which boasts over 28 quick-service restaurant brands and locations worldwide!

How Much Does a Maui Wowi Franchise Cost?

Maui Wowi offers a unique franchise opportunity for investors because of the different types of franchise models available. In fact, it is also one of the least expensive concepts on the market. For a well-connected franchise community and dual beverage system model, Maui Wowi is one of the most affordable smoothie franchise concepts available in the United States.

The ideal candidate for a Maui Wowi franchise would have at least $50,000 in liquid capital and a minimum net worth of $100,000. Our standard agreement allows you to own and operate any combination of up to three mobile or fixed operating units. Your total investment for a mobile unit can be as low as $28,900.

Franchise and cost fees vary depending on the entrepreneur’s chosen agreement. Fixed operating units can start at an investment as low as $96,350. Although fixed operating units can work as a permanent retail site, mobile operating units for events can be as low as $28,900. We also offer franchise financing by way of top third-party organizations. This helps you secure financing to mitigate costs up front.

Unmatched Franchise Support

Maui Wowi offers franchisees an incredible support system. As you get your first Maui Wowi franchise up and running, there are several steps that may require assistance. Our goal is to support every franchisee in running their business successfully. The Directors of Regional Support, or ‘doctors’ as we call them, provide hands-on support to franchisees to help them grow their local business. With one-on-one coaching, employee training, and more, business owners will feel safe and secure from day one.

Another benefit of investing in Maui Wowi is that entrepreneurs will become connected to the Kahala Brands family. Generating nearly $750 million in system-wide sales annually, Kahala Brands is one of the fastest growing franchising companies in the world. With passionate team members working in house, Kahala Brands helps every franchisee achieve their goal of owning and operating a business.

Own A Maui Wowi Franchise Today!

Owning a Maui Wowi franchise is an opportunity that is both affordable and unique. According to business website Grand View Research, “the global smoothies market size was valued at USD 6.68 billion in 2021 and expected to expand at a CAGR of 9.3% from 2022 to 2028.” Maui Wowi is always looking for more entrepreneurs who share our passion for healthy drinks and a beach lifestyle. To request more franchise information, fill out a form here today!

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