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This past spring, franchisee Larry Gerber secured a spot at The Ballpark, a community sports venue in Erie, Colorado. Now he has expanded his operation from one cart to two in order to keep up with his latest score. The Budweiser Events Center in Loveland, Colorado is a 7,200 seat multi-purpose arena, which is home to the Colorado Eagles ice hockey team. Below, Larry gives us some insight into how the opportunity came about, why he plans to keep it simple, and what it means for his business.

Budweiser Event Center

What was your strategy for getting into this venue?

Well, I got my foot in the door by serving at five events at The Ranch Events Center this summer and building a strong rapport with the General Manager. The Ranch Events Center is a venue on The Ranch campus, which also includes the Budweiser Event Center (BEC).

I figured if I showed them how professional, responsible, trustworthy, and reliable I am, if there was ever an opportunity to get into the BEC, they would think of me and Maui Wowi’s amazing products.

Then, one day they contacted me and said they had an opening and wondered if I was still interested.


How many carts will you have there and how often?

I’ll have one cart at the venue for now. There are about 100+ events/opportunities, including 36 mandatory hockey games. Plus, there are numerous optional events (rodeos, concerts, indoor football, family events).


Will you be selling smoothies with alcohol, coffee/espresso, shave ice, etc.?

Primarily smoothies and smoothies with alcohol. In the future, maybe i’ll sell coffee and shave ice but I want to stand by one of Maui Wowi’s guiding principles-“to keep it simple.” So, I will start with just smoothies and maybe add other things if the situation is right.


Does this mean you are expanding? Did you buy an additional cart?

I did expand to an additional cart in August. I placed the new cart at the BEC, so I still have my original cart to do cheerleading events and wrestling tournaments this winter.


What does the future hold for your business?

Well, once again, I want to adhere to the two Maui Wowi principles that got me interested in Maui Wowi from the start…1) to keep it simple, and 2) to follow a proven, successful plan. I want to learn the “ins and outs” of a venue and provide the highest quality product and customer service before I expand into different product lines at the BEC. Then perhaps I’ll see about getting two carts at the venue. Maybe next year I’ll expand into nearby universities. But for now, I don’t want to move too fast and over stress myself. I just love the freedom, flexibility, and fun of Maui Wowi!!!



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