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Maui Wowi franchisees come from all walks of life. Some are military veterans transitioning to civilian life. Some have been stay-at-home parents. Others are just ready to climb off the corporate ladder. No matter what their professional background, Maui Wowi works to make sure that each member of our ohana, especially first-time business owners, have everything they need to succeed.

Our Business Model

Maui Wowi is one of the most affordable franchise opportunities in the smoothie industry. A low-cost franchise model opens up the possibility of franchising for more people. Your total franchise investment could be less than $100,000. Learn more about our mobile franchise models.

The Maui Wowi mobile franchise model is also event-based. This means our franchisees can choose when, and how much, they work. Some of our franchisees choose to only work weekend events. This is an option that allows first-time business owners to ease their way into the smoothie and coffee industry without completely leaving behind their current career.

When you are ready to take your Maui Wowi business to the next level, you have a built-in expansion plan. Our standard K-Cart franchise agreement entitles a franchisee to three smoothie carts. You can make the transition from a first-time business owner to a Maui Wowi mogul in no time!

Thorough Training

Each Maui Wowi franchisee gets hands-on training at our Arizona headquarters. Training goes over everything from Maui Wowi history to K-Cart 101. “We do a little bit of everything,” says Tracy Timko, regional director of operations. Training also includes a demo of Maui Wowi’s online distribution system and a tour of our coffee roaster.

“We try to touch on everything business,” Tracy says. This provides crucial knowledge for first-time business owners, so they aren’t left to figure out things like accounting, hiring, and booking on their own.

One of the final steps of the Mainland training is working an event, from set up and prep to actually serving customers. “It gives them that great hands-on experience and the ability to ask questions as they’re actually doing it,” Tracy says. Franchisees serve up the Aloha Spirit in a training environment that sets them up for success. The support team is on-hand to answer questions and lend a helping hand, but the franchisees-in-training lead the way.

Ongoing Support

“Ohana is that family you get when you become a franchisee that never goes away,” Tracy says. And family means you have support from Day 1. As a Regional Director of Operations (RDO), Tracy visits her franchisees for their first event. She doesn’t just drop by to chat, she helps prepare the franchise unit and works the event. She helps her franchisees figure out how much product they need and get their cart ready. She also helps in the moment when it comes to working with new clients.

“Not only is working an event part of the job of making money but you’re also building relationships which is strengthening your business,” Tracy says. She also mentions that it’s the little touches that make a big difference “I talk to them about sending thank you notes and how to utilize those relationships to book another event,” she says. This is one way our RDOs help put first-time business owners on the path to success.

Regional Directors of Operations

RDOs are an amazing resource. They answer calls and questions and visit each of their franchisees at least once a year. “If they have a big event, if they’re launching, if something big is going on we try to get out there face-to-face and help,” Tracy says. Plus, RDOs and the support team are just a message away.

Wiki Wiki

But what about when your RDO is working a launch event at a rainy rodeo, away from her email (yes, this really happened to Tracy)? Maui Wowi has a support system for this, too! Our Wiki Wiki system allows a franchisee to send a message to the entire support team, 24-hours a day. “They do have access to some or all of us all the time,” Tracy says. Wiki Wiki is Hawaiian for “quick quick.” Any question a first-time business owner might have, they can have an answer as soon as possible. Answering questions quickly empowers our franchisees to make good decisions in tricky, new situations.

First-time business owners have every resource they need to succeed as Maui Wowi franchisees. A low initial investment, comprehensive training, and support beyond training makes Maui Wowi an amazing franchise opportunity for first-time business owners. If it sounds like the right opportunity for your first foray into business ownership, learn more.

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