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Just like we serve the best smoothies, Maui Wowi also has the best franchisees! And, we’re happy to say, our franchisees are pretty happy with us. Our business model, ‘ohana, culture and tasty smoothies are just some of the things that make Maui Wowi so special to our franchisees.

“I started researching franchises and I came across Maui Wowi. What was attractive about Maui Wowi was the low cost of entry – that, and the product. I thought it was the best smoothie that I’d ever tasted.” – Mary Bigler, Minnesota

Thanks to our mobile, event-based business model, Maui Wowi franchisees can jumpstart their Maui Wowi franchise with an investment as low as $63,900 for a Ka’anapali Cart. Plus, there’s a reason Mary’s first Maui Wowi smoothie (and every one since!) tasted so good – our tropical smoothies have no artificial colors or flavors and are always served up with a side of Aloha Spirit.

“There’s a lot of franchisees out there who love helping. We call ourselves ‘ohana.” – Barbara Putnam, Southern California

The Maui Wowi ‘Ohana is what makes us so different from other franchise systems. All of our franchisees, employees and Brand Team are a family, and that’s how we treat each other. Long-time Maui Wowi franchisees are willing to give advice and help newer franchisees learn the smoothie business. We have each other’s backs every step of the way, whether it’s helping you navigate your new Maui Wowi business, or celebrating your big-wave success, the entire ‘ohana is along for the ride.

“I wrote a book about how Maui Wowi changed my life. It changed my life because I was a corporate guy, very dutiful as a lot of people in my generation are, and didn’t really do anything for me for the first 25 years of my working life. It was really for someone else. When the universe decided I needed to let go of that and connected me with Maui Wowi, I found that I was able to make that turn.” – Mitch York, New York

For many franchisees, Maui Wowi is an escape from the corporate grind. They, like Mitch, traded in their suits for Hawaiian shirts and never looked back. While we always do our best to bring Aloha Spirit to each Maui Wowi customer, we also know that working events can – and should – be fun. Where there is a Maui Wowi, there are smiles on the faces of our customers, employees, and fun-loving franchisees.

“From the Air Force, I wanted to loosen up a bit and be more of an outgoing person. Maui Wowi has helped me to do that because I’m going to events I never would’ve gone to. Contacting people I never would have contacted. Dealing with the public and putting smiles on their faces that I never would have had the chance to do. I was looking for something where I feel valued and significant and I definitely found it in Maui Wowi.” – Larry Gerber, Brighton, CO

As delicious as our cool and creamy smoothies are, bringing smiles to customers’ faces are a huge factor in keeping Maui Wowi franchisees happy. We provide the best smoothies, as an alternative to sugary, fat-laden snacks. But a customer’s smile is how each franchisee knows they are bringing a taste of paradise into their community.

Are you ready to throw on a Hawaiian shirt and be a part of a franchise with a high franchisee satisfaction rate? Let’s get in contact.

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