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Maui Wowi knows our franchisees have what it takes to succeed – that’s why our system is built for you to be able to grow your Maui Wowi business. Our franchise agreement, multiple models, potential for recurring business, and industry expertise give Maui Wowi franchisees plenty of tools to expand their business.

The Maui Wowi Franchise Agreement

Growth is built right into the Maui Wowi franchise model. Each franchise agreement gives the franchisee the rights to franchise three units. We’re confident that once you start a Maui Wowi business, your town or city won’t be able to get enough! When Maui Wowi franchisees are ready to grow past their first franchise unit, we don’t want waiting on paperwork to stunt your business’ growth. And if you want to mix and match your types of franchise units, you can do that, too!

Multiple Models

Another way growing with Maui Wowi is made easy is thanks to our multiple franchise models. Our units include our signature Ka’anapali Carts, kiosks, concession trailers, food trucks and brick-and-mortar stores. This gives our franchisees the freedom to choose the combination that works for their market. Maybe you want to expand your Maui Wowi kiosk business to include catering. Then you can add a K-Cart or food truck to bring our delicious, Maui Wowi smoothies and coffee to your customers wherever they are.

Recurring Business

Lots of Maui Wowi franchisees run events-based businesses, but recurring events can help franchisees grow. For example, Maui Wowi K-Carts are stationed in stadiums across the country, serving up tastes of paradise to fans of NASCAR, NFL, NBA and MLB. But we don’t want franchisees to be unable to cater or work other events happening around town. Once you have more than one Maui Wowi unit, you can continue your mobile business, even if you have a K-Cart team busy bringing smiles to customers during every game. Once your business has some dependable, recurring customers, you can plan for growth.

Maui Wowi Expertise

Becoming a Maui Wowi franchisee means joining our ‘ohana. And we love to share the knowledge we’ve gained in the past 30 years of franchising with every member of the Maui Wowi family.

Regional Directors of Operations (RDOs)

RDOs are a great resource for Maui Wowi franchisees. They are available to answer your calls, offer advice and help you plan for the future of your business. Each RDO visits their franchisees at least once a year. But they’ll be there for your first event and can come out for big events, too. They’ll always have your back as you manage your growing business.

Experienced Multi-Unit Franchisees

Maui Wowi expertise doesn’t just come from the Mainland Brand Team – other Maui Wowi franchisees are part of the ‘ohana, too! Many are multi-unit franchisees who have knowledge and experience they can pass on to you. Barbara Putman, a multi-unit franchisee in San Diego, California, offers growth advice for newer franchisees. “I wish I would’ve planned for growth in the beginning.” Barbara started off with just one vehicle for her two carts, which meant her and her team spent a lot of weekends zigzagging across town to load and unload one cart before the other could be loaded up and transported. But Barbara learned quickly, and now owns four successful franchise units. She’s also Maui Wowi’s Director of Regional Support for Southern California, passing along her expertise to her fellow franchisees.

The Maui Wowi franchise agreement, our multiple franchise models, the ability to garner recurring business and Maui Wowi expertise enable franchisees to grow with Maui Wowi. If you’re ready to start your Maui Wowi franchise journey, let’s get in contact.

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