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One of the greatest things people love about franchising with Maui Wowi® is the flexibility this business brings to their lives. Franchisees get to ditch Corporate America for the opportunity to travel to and see some of the greatest cities and performers in the world — all while owning a business of their own.

We couldn’t have made this possible without our proprietary Ka’anapali Carts, also known as K-Carts, which allow our franchisees to operate using a mobile business model. Maui Wowi® K-Carts can be easily utilized both indoors and outdoors. That means as a franchisee, you can literally take your business wherever you want to go, as long as no one has claimed that particular event or venue space yet. (Oh, and owning a business packed with pure Aloha Spirit and laid-back style makes it all that much more fun, too.)

And unlike owning a brick-and-mortar business, with our K-Carts, you’re not locked into a lease, saving you money on overhead and maximizing profits. Now, let’s get to the important stuff:

How Does a Franchisee Get Their Business Into an Event or Venue?

Let’s start by talking about the difference between the two. An event is a planned public or social occasion scheduled for a temporary amount of time. Examples include: state and county fairs, tradeshows, expos, etc.

A venue is where events of a specific type are held; for Maui Wowi® purposes, we define venue spaces as arenas or stadiums, often home to a sports team or live performers. Venue spaces are typically more permanent than one-off events that require relocating your K-Cart. Examples of venues our franchisees have a home include: Chase Field in Arizona, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre in Colorado, Excel Energy Center in Minnesota, etc.

The Process of Booking Events

Start by searching your local area’s events. Most events have websites with a vendor page. There, you’ll fill out an application, including photos of your mobile set-up, pricing and more. When you’re approved, you’re often required to pay a fee for the right to operate your business at the event.

We recommend booking new events about six to nine months in advance, especially when you’re beginning your Maui Wowi® journey. Typically, new franchisees have their second year completely scheduled out after the first year of business. Once you get your feet wet, it’s easier to re-book those events for the following year.

The Process of Booking Venues

Securing a venue is more competitive than booking one single event because it’s not as simple as paying a one-time fee. You’re managing ongoing relationships with the venue’s master concessionaire and sports team and/or entertainment group. Together, you’ll determine if your business is a good fit for the space, negotiating a commission structure, comparing budgets, discussing possible sponsorships and more.

That’s where we come in! We make sure you have a full understanding of the numbers to ensure your business will remain sustainable at the venue. For instance, if you’re looking into a baseball stadium, you can expect to work 80 games. Then, we help you calculate profitability by comparing that number to the average number of attendees per game.

How Does Maui Wowi® Support Your Success?

We’re not new to this type of business; over the last three decades, we’ve perfected our processes and systems. All you have to do is follow our lead. We teach our franchisees the ins and outs of the business through classroom-style learning — and more importantly — hands-on training.

During your training, we make sure you have the opportunity to put what you’ve learned into practice. This is when you’ll work directly with a seasoned franchisee at one of their events. Or, we invite the entire business park Maui Wowi® headquarters is located in for a free sampling that you’ll be running and working.

Plus, we’re by your side even after you graduate training. In true ‘ohana (Hawaiian word for family) fashion, the Maui Wowi® operations team meets with you in person a few days before your first event to help you prepare. We offer tips and tricks to keep you motivated. Once you’re through, we discuss areas of strength and areas in need of improvement.

If you find yourself wondering if there’s more to life outside of the conventional nine-to-five, we’re here to tell you there is…so much more. Just ask one of our happy franchisees or follow the Aloha Spirit to Maui Wowi®, where owning a business feels more like a permanent vacation.

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