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In addition to serving up cool and creamy all-natural fruit smoothies, Maui Wowi is also a coffee franchise. We work with one of the nation’s most respected and sought-after coffee roasters, Coda Coffee, who help us put a little paradise in every cup. We caught up with Coda Coffee president and co-founder Tommy Thwaites to ask him just what makes Maui Wowi coffee so amazing.

Exclusive Blends

The coffee blends that get delivered to our franchisees are exclusive to Maui Wowi. That means our coffees are truly one of a kind and impossible to find anywhere else. “One of the unique things about Maui Wowi coffees is we have that component of Hawaiian coffee in there,” Tommy says. “So we always have that little bit of Hawaiian experience that goes into the blend.”

But the beans aren’t just from Hawaii – Coda Coffee sources beans from around the world. But how do they decide which beans will blend perfectly to create smooth, rich Maui Wowi coffee? By cupping. Cupping is all about tasting the different blend, roasts and combinations of coffees and deciding on the best ones. And each of our franchisees gets to learn about the process firsthand by partaking in a cupping during their training. “I think it’s great to get the franchisees involved in that because, one, it builds a little passion,” Tommy says. “It’s tying franchisees into the processes of how we’re selecting coffees, how we’re analyzing those coffees, and it instills that passion.”

Plus, in true Maui Wowi fashion, a cupping is a good time. “It’s just fun,” Tommy says. “You’re slurping and spitting. It’s a good way to bond and just share an experience.”

“Fresher is Better”

Coda Coffee is dedicated to making sure that Maui Wowi franchisees get the freshest coffee possible to serve to their customers. After receiving the coffee as raw, green beans, roasting them for about 15 minutes (depending on the blend and temperature), grinding the beans, and giving the grounds time to release gas, Coda Coffee doesn’t send Maui Wowi coffee to sit in some warehouse for months. It gets shipped directly to franchisees around the country. “The coffee is literally on our shelves, at the most, five days,” Tommy says. “The freshness and quality is better than just about anyone out there.”

And that gets passed on to everyone who buys Maui Wowi coffee. As Tommy says, “Fresher is better.”

Mobile Coffee and Espresso Bars

Maui Wowi sells the best coffee and there are a lot of ways to get it into the hands of happy customers. Some Maui Wowi franchisees have tricked out their food trucks to include full coffee and espresso bars to accommodate their coffee-loving customers, in addition to smoothie drinkers. Our mobile franchise models provide countless opportunities and options.

Maui Wowi’s coffee is special, thanks to our exclusive blends, quality and freshness. This is why some of our franchisees have taken the opportunity to expand the coffee aspects of their business. If you are ready to serve up some of the world’s greatest coffee with a side of Aloha Spirit, get more information about the Maui Wowi franchise opportunity.

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