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What is a Mobile Franchise?

Imagine a business model through which you had the freedom to take your business on the go, set up shop at different events and always meet new people? That’s the opportunity you invest in with a mobile franchise – think food trucks, carts, pop-up venues, and other mobile units that make business ownership synonymous with flexibility and autonomy. Thanks to mobile franchises, being a small business owner doesn’t have to mean being tied down to one location or burdened with major real estate costs.

In a culture that values convenience and is constantly on the go, mobile franchises are understandably growing in popularity. In the post-pandemic world, mobile franchises enable business owners to bring their products to their customers. The flexibility that comes with mobile franchising also allows business owners the ability to both fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams, and set a schedule that suits their needs and lifestyle.

There are many benefits that come with investing in a mobile franchise, including: a comparatively low cost to purchase and run your business, the ability to keep full-time or part-time hours, a simple business model with the opportunity to expand, and the chance to reach new and diverse markets by setting up shop in different locations.

Maui Wowi’s Mobile Franchise Options

Maui Wowi prides itself on having some of the most varied and flexible options when it comes to business models. With so many different mobile franchise offerings, Maui Wowi franchisees can choose the option that’s right for them and their business goals. Franchisees can choose from the Ka’anapali Cart, a flexible mobile unit suitable for both large and small events, or opt for the concession trailer model, which is also perfect for events, but is designed to allow businesses to keep operating in inclement weather. Maui Wowi also offers a popular food truck option, which enables easy travel, as well as a kiosk setup ideal for malls and other busy shopping centers.

Not only are mobile units some of the most affordable franchise concepts on the market, franchisees will have the ability to tap into new and unique markets that a typical, stationary food service franchise simply can’t. What’s more, Maui Wowi’s mobile concept offers franchisees a chance to have fun with their business! Mobile units are perfect for events like summer festivals or other events, when a Hawaiian-themed sweet treat hits the spot. If working from the same location day after day isn’t for you, Maui Wowi’s mobile franchise offerings will give you the opportunity to travel with your business and meet new people.

Why Franchise with Maui Wowi?

If you’re looking for a simple business model with a fun, energetic atmosphere and a product that brightens customers’ day, Maui Wowi might be the ideal franchise opportunity for you. With smoothie blends like “Sunny Paradise,” “Ocean Sunrise,” “Surf’s Up”, and “Hawaiian Breeze,” customers are on island time when they visit a Maui Wowi location. Over the past 35 years, Maui Wowi has built up a solid brand reputation, and customers know they can always find a sweet and satisfying tropical treat even on the darkest winter day.

Besides buying into a recognized and well-loved brand, franchisees benefit from Maui Wowi’s small footprint, low startup costs, and simple-to-operate business model that can easily be taken on the road. The Maui Wowi philosophy is also a far cry from what you’ll experience in the stuffy corporate world, so if you’re ready to franchise with a concept built on positive attitude, a fun atmosphere, and the Aloha Spirit, look no further than Maui Wowi.

Ongoing Franchise Support

Maui Wowi offers its franchisees all the support they’ll need to start their entrepreneurial journey and bring the taste of Hawaii to their communities. Maui Wowi’s team of Directors of Regional Support provide franchisees with one-on-one assistance with things like planning for your grand opening, securing venue contracts, training employees, and providing other operational support.

With services addressing everything from developing a business plan to marketing strategies, support for franchisees in the Kahala Brands™ family is unmatched. As parent company to Maui Wowi, international franchise company Kahala Brands offers its franchisees access to an experienced group of employees who are knowledgeable and passionate about the brands and can answer questions about any aspect of the franchise industry.

Kahala Brands has a streamlined process for franchisees by having all of the franchisor services located at the Scottsdale, Arizona, headquarters. The company’s in-house support team can help franchisees with things like choosing the right location to set up shop, interpreting market trends, planning for expansion, helping build relationships in the purchasing and supply chain industry, and developing PR strategies to incentivize new customers to visit Maui Wowi.

Learn More about Mobile Franchising with Maui Wowi

If you’re ready to join the small business community and invest in a fun and flexible franchise with mobility, visit Maui Wowi’s research pages here to learn more about the concept and the support you’ll receive as a franchisee.

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