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Maui Wowi Franchise for Millennials

Millennials are on the rise in the franchise industry, but studies show they’re not the same kind of franchisees as their predecessors. According to Nationwide, 51% of millennial small business owners have a disaster plan for their business to deal with worst-case scenarios. In other words, millennial entrepreneurs are calculated, careful risk-takers when it comes to their investments.

Fortunately, some business concepts cater specifically to the millennial franchise crowd. With its low startup costs, easy-to-run and easy-to-scale business model, and options for mobile units such as food trucks and carts – which are versatile and have a small footprint – Maui Wowi can be a great franchising opportunity for younger entrepreneurs who want assurance and flexibility when they invest. Franchisees will also benefit from the brand’s reputation built over 35 years in business, and can enjoy the fun and laid-back work culture that defines the Maui Wowi concept.

Maui Wowi, which offers customers the taste of Hawaii with a vast menu of tropical fruit smoothies, is one of the most affordable smoothie franchise concepts on the market. For entrepreneurs who want freedom and flexibility in their business, Maui Wowi has a wide variety of business models to choose from. The Ka’anapali Cart is one of the most popular mobile options, as it’s low-cost, can be operated full or part-time, and is easily set up on the go at concerts, festivals, and other events. Other business models include kiosks, which are great fits for busy shopping environments, concession trailers, also well-suited to events, the always-popular food truck option, and, of course, a standalone shop.

Never Alone in Business

Thanks to a robust support team and training programs, Maui Wowi is a prime franchising opportunity for entrepreneurs with all levels of experience. First-time business owners or younger investors can rest assured Maui Wowi will teach novice franchisees everything they need to know. From day one, franchise partners with Maui Wowi will receive hands-on, one-on-one guidance from a seasoned support team dedicated to helping them build their customer base and grow their business.

Maui Wowi is also backed by international franchise company Kahala Brands™. As Maui Wowi’s parent franchisor, Kahala Brands offers an extensive variety of support services to all franchises in the Kahala Brands family. These services include digital and interactive marketing advice, public relations services, franchise development support, assistance with real estate and site location, purchasing and supply chain support, guidance on day-to-day operations, and more. From the get-go, franchisees will receive initial training so they understand the Maui Wowi concept and are equipped to open their business, and will continue to receive ongoing training and support throughout the life of the franchise.

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