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We already know 2016 will be filled with political debates, an election, the Olympics, and much more. But what’s in store for the beverage industry and how does Maui Wowi® plan to stay ahead of the curve? It’s time to look into our crystal ball and make our top three beverage trends predictions likely to occur in the coming year.

Pina coladaExotic/Tropical drinks: With our busy schedules, more and more people are looking for a mini-vacation and tropical drinks provide an instant escape. They not only taste like you’re at the beach, they even come with a little umbrella to instantly transport you to paradise. With all eyes on Brazil for the upcoming 2016 Olympics, Latin/Hispanic flavors like mango and pina colada are predicted to rise in popularity, according to market research. These regional flavors satisfy the craving by evoking feelings of sunny weather and exotic locales, making it one of our favorite beverage trends. Maui Wowi epitomizes these feelings with its Hawaiian flare and island flavor, providing a variety of tropical flavored smoothies including Mango Orange, Pina Colada, and Kiwi Lemon Lime.

Gingerbread Latte- 2016 Beverage Trends Gingerbread: The immense popularity of pumpkin flavored everything is one of the beverage trends that’s probably going to be around for a while, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for something new. Gingerbread is a complementary flavor to pumpkin that has the potential to become the next big thing. Like its counterpart, the spicy sweetness of gingerbread has a warm appeal that conjures up happy childhood memories. Maui Wowi’s seasonal Gingerbread Latte is the perfect blend of Hawaiian espresso, milk, and gingerbread flavor that customers wait all year for. As customers look beyond pumpkin, 2016 is shaping up to be the year of the gingerbread.


Iced-Coffee-2016 Beverage TrendsCold brew coffee: The smooth tasting quality of cold brewed coffee is unparalleled, so it’s no surprise consumers are turning to iced coffee beverages year-round. The concentrated coffee is excellent for crafting iced lattes and mochas or can be simplified into a traditional Americano. There are even some specialty coffee shops that are providing cold brew on tap for more convenient dispensing and overall appeal. Maui Wowi uses the Toddy system to cold brew our premium Hawaiian blends and create a refreshing way to caffeinate.



With a fresh year, comes a fresh start. As new flavors and innovations continue to evolve and emerge, we’re excited to see what lies ahead for the ever changing beverage industry and to establish our place among the trends.

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