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At Maui Wowi, the “Mainland” refers to our corporate team. As part of the Maui Wowi ‘ohana, the Mainland is always accessible to our franchisees, whether they’re just looking to share a success story or have questions about an upcoming event. After all, that’s what family is for! There are many ways that our franchisees can get in contact with the Mainland – working with DRS, RDO or the FAC – or any other acronym we’ve got!

DRS (Directors of Regional Support)

Directors of Regional Support (DRS) are longtime Maui Wowi franchisees and Area Developers who are deeply invested in the future of the Maui Wowi brand. They are an extension of the Mainland team that operate outside of our Arizona headquarters by providing hands-on, day-to-day support in their individual territories. DRS help franchisees grow their Maui Wowi businesses with grand opening support, employee training, and acquiring event contracts.

In addition to providing hands-on support, DRS also help franchisees follow the proven Maui Wowi system, using their own franchising experiences to assist the franchisees in their territories.

RDOs (Regional Directors of Operations)

Regional Directors of Operations (RDO) are another way for franchisees to stay connected with the Mainland. They bring the expertise of the Mainland to each of the franchisees in their assigned region. For your first Maui Wowi event, your RDO will be on the ground with you, helping you serve your first Maui Wowi customers. Beyond first event support. RDOs are a go-to for franchisees who might have questions or are experiencing challenges. Their support training allows RDOs to match franchisees with any resources they might need.

FAC (Franchise Advisory Council)

The Maui Wowi Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) is a group of five franchisees who represent franchisees in their regions in front of the Mainland team. The FAC is a voice for our franchisees so that our owners are heard, especially when the Mainland is making decisions that could affect the franchise system. Plus, the FAC helps the entire brand set and achieve goals that help define franchisees’ roles. By reaching out to their regional FAC representative, franchisees can express their wishes or concerns – and know that the Mainland will hear them.

Franchisee Training

Maui Wowi training teaches you everything you need to know to bring creamy, delicious tropical smoothies to your community. It also gives you the opportunity to meet members of the Mainland team face-to-face. Training happens at our corporate headquarters and is conducted by members of the Mainland team, like RDOs. Training is an excellent opportunity to ask questions, get answers in real time and build meaningful connections with the corporate team. These are the relationships that will help guide you on your Maui Wowi franchise journey.

Maui Wowi makes sure that our franchisees are always able to connect with the Mainland. Our DRS, RDO, FAC and training program are all designed to make sure that the voice of each franchisee within the Maui Wowi franchise system is heard. If you are ready to join a franchise system that listens to and supports its franchisees, please reach out for more information about the Maui Wowi franchise opportunity.

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