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Click on the timeline to explore the seven easy steps to owning a Maui Wowi Hawaiian Franchise.

Step 1: (Length 2-3 days to complete)

Introduction – Once you provide us with some basic information about yourself, we are ready to begin the process!

  • Phone appointment, this is a great chance for us to get to know each other and understand what you are looking for in a franchise?
  • Outline of our franchise system and explore the various opportunities of our flexible business models.
  • Discuss the mutual education process, which takes approximately 27 days on average to complete.
  • Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) mailed.

Step 2: (Length 4-8 days to complete)

The FDD – During this time you should have received the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD for short). The FDD is an important part of the education process and provides you with everything you need to know about becoming a Maui Wowi franchise owner!

  • Review the FDD and discuss important highlights.
  • Answer any questions you might have about the FDD.
  • Start reviewing lending and financial options.

Step 3: (4-8 days to complete)

Financial Tools – Now that you have a foundation of information from our conversations and a solid understanding of the FDD, it's time to step-it-up!

  • Understand the financial tools provided.
  • Begin building your business plan.
  • Create your goal sheet.

Step 4: (6-10 days to complete)

The Validation Process – Don't just take our word for it. Hear it from the people who matter most...our 'Ohana!.

  • Understand why other franchisees selected Maui Wowi Hawaiian?
  • Discuss key benefits of our franchise concept support, training and collaboration.
  • The Good, The Bad, and the "Aloha Spirit".
  • Determine if Maui Wowi is the right fit for you!

Step 5: (6-7 days to complete)

Start Final Steps and Discovery Day!

  • Meet the "Mainland Team," vendors, and much more in Denver, Colorado.
  • Complete the vision exercise and schedule the Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) call.
  • Development manager schedules the Executive Interview.

Step 6: (2-3 days to complete)

The Peer Review Process – You will be talking to a group of franchise owners who are part of our 'Ohana and FAC (Franchisee Advisory Council) that have helped build Maui Wowi into the success it is today.

  • Questions and answers about your background and business plan.
  • Feedback and review from the 'Ohana and FAC members about you as a candidate.
  • Vote of confidence from your peers to finish your candidate file.

Step 7: (1 day to complete)

The Executive Interview – Congratulations on having what it takes to get to the final step in the process…This is Game Day!

  • Final interview with the Executive Team (30 to 45 minutes), reviewing your qualifications, determination and passion to be awarded a franchise!
  • Executive Team discussion.
  • Final decision and agreement signing.